Linz, Österreich, Österreich Brucknerhaus

Saturday @ 7:00 PM

Bei der Finissage der Ausstellung “Beyond One’s Own Territory” performt das Fräulein ( gemeinsam mit Flötistin Zarin Hageneder ihre interdisziplinäre Einreichung zum Thema.


Beyond one´s own teritorry – 3rd week – Finissage
– – -Samstag / Saturday / 18.11 / 18°° – X°° – – –
> “Tamhie” ein live Hörstück mit Radio FRO
> “If I had a hammer…” – Julia Danzinger & Johanna Nielson
> Dadavaganza eine lyrisch – musikalisch – performative Territorial-Varieté


The exhibition project presents theoretical and artistic exploration and positioning on the topic of territory. We think about territory, a central figure in our identity landscape, in potential of rupture. It is made of unquestioned assumptions that shape and organize societies, cultures and continue to legitimate Western power structures. Culture, ethnicity, religion are still used as markers of difference that create insiders/us against outsiders/others. We are looking for the possibilities that one can find in transcending a territory towards another and the potentials of dislocating the line.

Mehr Infos zum Duo Dadavaganza gibt es hier: